The micro brushless pump use matters needing attention

Water pump cannot be used overpressure, please use the corresponding to the rated voltage of 12 v or 24 v dc power supply for power supply, pump, or super voltage input will cause the pump to burn out.

Impurities and particles into the pump damage the pump, please make sure that the water clean, especially need to pay attention to in the civil, suggest adding filtering devices; Water pump of avoid by all means dry (no water running), for a long time without water idling will fire pumps.

Water pump should be run under the specified temperature, medium temperature exceeds bid is forbidden, such easy to cause the magnet demagnetization and control circuit performance degradation.

Pump power cord red line to the anode, black line to the cathode, don't apply the reverse is negative, the reverse will short circuit burn out water pump.

Ensure minimum diameter not less than in pipeline nozzle diameter, less than can cause water pump pressure-out, so that the pump rotor high-speed rotation, and noise is on the one hand, also can reduce the pump life.

Idle running no more than one minute, because there is no water rotor high-speed rotation, causes its temperature will rise to 200-300 degrees, cause impeller deformation or damage to the pump shell, resulting in damage of the pump.

If it is a speed regulating of water pump, pay attention to the water pump speed line never met together, it will burn out the water pump.

Brushless dc pumps for the centrifugal pump, can't automatic exhaust air, imbibition, and must be installed below the liquid surface before using.