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Established in 2009, Shenzhen Zhongke Century Technology Co., Ltd in the leading and biggest manufacture specializing in ECO car circulation pumps, medical pumps , special industrial heat circulating pumps , brushless DC pumps, magnetic pumps , three-phase direct current pumps , solar water pumps ,Brushless DC inverter pump in china.



    1.10-year experience in pump field

    2.more than 10 practical patent

    3.Professional manufacturing process

    4.harsh quality control

    5.Customer-oriented service and short delivery date


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The micro brushless pump use matters needing attention

The micro brushless pump use matters needing attention

Water pump cannot be used overpressure, please use the corresponding to the rated voltage of 12 v or 24 v dc power supply for power supply, pump, or super voltage input will cause the pump to burn out. Impurities and particles into the pump damage the pump, please make sure that the water clean, espe...