2019-05-17 11:54:59

  Q :What is the difference between the three-phase pump and the two-phase pump?

  A : The 2-phase pump used hall sensor driving and circuit board should be placed inside the pump body. When you comper it with the 3-phase pump you can found 3- phase ara sensor-less, the control circuit can be put outside, speed adjustable with protection, soft start with low in-rush current, great for the solar panel.

  Q : What are the advantages of the  3-phases pump? 

  A : It has 5 functional advantages.

       1. NOTE that 3-phase DC is completely different from 3-phases; 3-phase DC means 3 pairs of magnetic polarity & sensor-less, power supply the same with common DC pump( two wires: positive and negative )

       2. Intelligent program-driving, sensor-less, the circuit can be put outside of pumps body (the main factor that pump can be high-temperature resistant)

       3. Speed adjustable by PWM, 0~5V signal or potentiometer(Optional)

       4. Lock protection, reverse-connected protection, over -vol.&over-current protection,over temperature  protection.

       5. Soft start, no current impact, can be contacted directly with the solar panel.

  Q : How can I choose the most suitable pump?

  A : Tell us your requirements of flow rate, head, operation voltage, applications and etc. If you are not sure, please consult us now, we will give a useful suggestion within 24 hours!

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