Intelligent Toilets

2019-05-17 15:14:56

    Today, almost all bathroom companies are embracing intelligent toilets. Intelligent toilets feature water cleansing as a refreshing alternative to toilet tissue alone. And they will leave you feeling confident, assured and cleaner than clean.图片关键词


    Intelligent Toilet Pumps have a high-quality requirement as a very important component of the Intelligent Toilet system

First, obviously, it must be safety, using low voltage power. Second, it must have a compact size because it should be installed inside the toilet. Third, it must have high water pressure to rinse the excrement clean. Fourth, the pump may need some kind of intelligent control such as flow switch or analog signal or PWM speed control functions. Fifth, low noise, the noise will affect people’s sleep and mood. Sixth, high durability & reliability, and maintenance-free.

    Our DC PUMP can solve all the above problems perfectly.

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